Fan Inlet Silencers

“Open Inlets Need Attenuation”

Fan Silencer Mounted on the Inlet

Industrial fan with a round inlet silencer

Fan and blower inlet silencers are not seen as much in industrial environments because the inlet is usually ducted or attached to process equipment. The fan may be located in a noise-sensitive area or code-regulated area; if so, the fan housing may have a noise shroud, and an acoustic inlet flex connector might be included in the fan layout.

Fan inlet silencers are typically round to match the fan’s inlet; where inlet space is limited, low-pressure loss 90-degree elbows are a standard inlet option, along with air filters, rain hood, and bird screen.

Fan manufacturer data that is needed to select a fan or blower silencer include:

  • CFM
  • Static pressure
  • Fan connection size
  • Fan total sound power (dB)
  • Fan noise criteria level (sound level @ X feet away)
  • Noise criteria position (IE Position 3 90 degrees from silencer opening)
  • Fan location (indoors/outdoors)

 After completing the design, select galvanized, carbon, and stainless steel or FRP construction materials. Flanged connections are standard, but slip-fit connections are an option.

Axial Fan Inlet Silencers

Industrial axial fans with inlet silencers