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How to Quiet a Noisy Industrial Fan

“Fan noise control with industrial duty silencers.”

Fans are critical for adequate ventilation in both industrial and commercial facilities. When ventilation airflow is needed in these facilities, fans, both centrifugal and axial fans, can contribute to excess noise in the workplace. The magnitude and intensity of this noise depend on various factors, including the size of each fan, the number of fans, rotation of blades, static pressure, etc.  Industrial fan silencers are designed to attenuate noise being emitted from the inlet and outlet openings of the fan.

Industrial fan noise control is the first step in addressing plant-wide noise issues.

Round or circular Inlet/ Outlet Fan Silencer

Industrial fan silencers are designed for the applications’ pressure, airflow, and attenuation requirements.

Fan Outlet Silencer in Rectangular Configuration

Industrial fan silencers are configured for maximum noise control with minimal fan pressure loss.

Minimizing Noise in the Workplace

Noise exposure is a significant workplace safety concern. OSHA’s noise Standard for employers requires measures to reduce this exposure once the sound levels reach a set threshold. A hearing conservation program is needed if the noise level reaches 85 decibels or more. To minimize the need for personnel hearing protection, fan silencers are often implemented at both the inlet and outlet of fans to keep the noise levels within safe limits. The fan manufacturer has the necessary sound band data for each fan, which allows the fan silencers to be sized for the specific application.

Fan Silencer Requirements

Several factors need to be considered when selecting a silencer for industrial fans:

Maintaining design airflow in the ventilation system is the most critical consideration when designing a silencer. When adding a silencer, the increase in static pressure should be within the design’s maximum allowable pressure drop; otherwise, fan performance will be sacrificed. The silencer must have sufficient flow area throughout its body to maintain airflow and minimize pressure loss. Our experts select the right silencer size based on fan sound data, allowable pressure loss, airflow (CFM), and target noise level.

In addition to noise requirements and airflow, space constraints and application-specific silencer construction should be carefully considered. Fan silencers are available in various configurations to meet specific space and system requirements. Special casing materials and finishes help fulfill in-field requirements.

Fan Silencer Construction Options

Many construction options are available for fan inlet and outlet silencers, including:

  • Construction ranging from 26-gauge galvanized shells to 3/8″ steel plate
  • Stainless steel, carbon steel, or FRP
  • Horizontal or vertical configuration for space constraints
  • Custom configuration for weight restrictions
  • Removable baffles and side panels
  • Protective screens, weather hoods
  • Packless and cleanable silencers
  • Inlet elbows
  • Anti-corrosive coatings, protective film, high-temperature paints
  • Filter housings, transitions, access doors, air flow probes

Systech is a leading provider of industrial noise control solutions. We offer a wide range of noise control products, including silencers, noise enclosures, blankets, paneling, barriers, and other accessories. Our team performs an on-site analysis to determine the best solution for your noise attenuation needs. Contact us today to find out more.